Dashboard and Reports Upgrades

Chris Phillips 3D Modeling, Site

Today, we upgraded the Reports and Dashboard based on seller feedback.  Your feedback helps the site get better.  We have a lot of ideas, but you can direct us in the right way and point out things we might not see.  You can post suggestions in the forums, comment on this blog post,  or create support tickets to tell us what we should do.


  • Recent Activity now shows five items and includes returns and chargebacks
  • Previous month’s sales and earnings now displayed
  • Lifetime earnings displayed
  • Estimated Payment improved and clarified
  • Local time displayed
  • Your name now links to a search on your products
  • Links to multiple sales reports added to dashboard


  • Product Statistics Report now fully integrated into Reports section
  • New report “Sales/Top Sellers” to quickly see your best selling products over different time frames.
  • General improvement of column titling and spacing
  • Sales/Account Totals includes Lifetime Sales
  • Sales/Sales Monthly Summaries no longer has evil horizontal scroll