Using 3D Model Planes in the Real World

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Plane 3D Model by BlueGreen

3D Plane by Exclusive Artist BlueGreen

People often ask who’s buying 3D models from TurboSquid and why. The most common assumption is that they are for video games, movies, and television. The truth is a lot of 3D content on the site is actually bought by military agencies, the government, and hobbyists. One of the most popular categories purchased is 3D planes. 3D model planes are used in 3D visualizations across many different industries.

The Air Force often relies on 3D models for training for young pilots. Instead of damaging thousands of dollars of equipment and possibly risking a life, they use 3D planes for combat training and experiments. Technicians create scenes using 3D models to help pilots practice air combat maneuvers and tactical formations before they ever get off the ground.

3D Plane by Exclusive Artist 3Dplanemodels

Federal investigators use 3D models as part of forensic research into plane crashes. After collecting data on the make and model of the aircraft, 3D specialists will buy the 3D model planes and airports that closely resemble those involved. They then digitally recreate the event and determine the speed and impact of the plane when it crashed. This process not only helps airlines create safer planes but can also help determine the cause of the crash.

Big among amateur pilots, 3D planes and environments are often used to recreate flight simulations. Whether is a cross-country trip or a simple flight around their hometown, they purchase 3D models for the sole purpose of flight practice. In fact, many amateur pilots use 3D models to help them log flight hours and obtain their commercial pilot license. Computer programs like Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X actually caters to this crowd and allows users to import new 3D plane models directly into the program.

3D Plane by Pedro Faut

3D Plane by Exclusive Artist Pedro Faut

When a category of models appeals to a wide variety of users and industries, it usually ensures that it will be a top seller.  That’s certainly the case with 3D planes.  The demand is consistently high, and TurboSquid is home to some of the top plane modelers in the world.