Featured Artist – monkeyodoom

TurboSquid Featured Artists

We’ve got some incredible artists selling their 3D products at TurboSquid, and we want to use the blog to regularly highlight them and their work.  For our first Featured Artist post, we’re going with a TurboSquid veteran and top seller – monkeyodoom.

monkeyodoom has been a 3d artist for more than 10 years, and his work is now found exclusively at TurboSquid. His initial focus was on creating nautical and medical equipment,  before largely concentrating his work on architectural visualization models. He’s been selling on TurboSquid for over 4 years, and has built an extensive selection of model collections, furnishings, exercise equipment, and residential buildings.

monkeyodoom has recently diversified yet again, and is now focusing on expanding his collection of arcade models. He’s got a nice collection of classic arcade cabinets and other games. He recently added one of his newest models, a photorealistic arcade hockey game table:

Arcade Hockey Game

Arcade Hockey Game

Check out monkeyodoom’s entire collection of models: https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/monkeyodoom.