TurboSquid and New Orleans in the News

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Over the past few weeks, TurboSquid and New Orleans have been mentioned by business journalists and bloggers worldwide because of our recent move into the Intellectual Property (IP) building. Formerly the McGlinchey Stafford building, the IP is the focal point for entrepreneurial companies on the verge of the next big thing in the Big Easy. Companies such as iSeatz, Launch Pad, and Carrollton Technology Partners have joined TurboSquid in this Magazine Street building to create a tech center that is being noticed at the local, state and national levels.

Check out all of the recent press that’s mentioned both the IP and TurboSquid:

The Louisiana government has created programs that offer relocation incentives to companies in hopes of further technological development. One such program is the Louisiana Economic Development which offers a 25% tax credit to digital production companies, as well as an additional 10% tax credit for payroll expenditures for employees that are Louisiana residents. We’re hoping that the recognition that the IP building is bringing to the city helps encourage more tech and start-up business to consider setting up shop in New Orleans.

While the effects of Katrina can still be felt throughout New Orleans, it’s great to see the city being represented in such a positive light by the national media. We’re also personally thrilled to see TurboSquid getting such great national recognition – it certainly helps us attract a new audience of buyers and sellers to the site!