Economy Rebounding?

TurboSquid Site

TurboSquid’s sales have been great in August. It’s normally a slower month, like June and July, but has been putting up really high numbers. We introduced a new search engine and interface, and I know that deserves some credit. But with the blockbuster sales this month it makes me think the world might be waking up from the crisis. When our Controller Eric (the main accountant) came back from vacation yesterday, I told him the sales figures and his eyes widened with a big smile.

Obviously the world’s economy is massive and we are just a drop in it. TurboSquid does cross a huge number of industries with a lot of customers, with more than 50% of our sales outside of the US, so we’re at least a small indicator.

So here’s to some good news and (hopefully) the start of a turnaround for the world’s economy.