CNN Uses Missile Model as Part of a “Reality Check”

by Adele Tiblier

While we steer clear of political views, we are always happy when any of our models are used to provide the perfect visual to inform and educate the masses. Such was the case on Monday, October 22, 2012, when a TurboSquid model was spotted during CNN’s “Reality Check”.

Check out the clip of the segment which showcases the 3D model of the Ballistic Missile model by artist Edgedesign (approximately 1:18 into the video).


Just in case you missed it or you’re looking for a more detailed view, we’ve included an image of the model below (which links to the product page).

Shahab-3 Ballistic Missile 3D Model


One Response to “CNN Uses Missile Model as Part of a “Reality Check””

  1. dvnobles says:

    Very cool! I really enjoy seeing TurboSquid models used like this and hope to see one of my own used in the future like this.

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