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by Jonathan Lloyd

If you have already submitted to CheckMate, you know that tracking the progress of your model in the certification process was a bit of a chore. We would like to thank everyone for being patient during the submission process and not bombarding the team asking for status updates.

The good news is that we now offer you the ability to track the position of your models in the CheckMate queue. If you have a burning desire to get a specific model certified first, we have you covered — the new CheckMate queue allows you to reorder your submissions based on your own priority. You can also remove products from the queue if you feel the model is not ready to be certified or if you would like to add other products. You can have a maximum number of active inspections based on your SquidLevel, but there is no limit to the number of models you can submit to your personal queue.

CheckMate Queue Page

We have also added a CheckMate leaderboard to the queue page. This is an exciting feature that allows you to track your CheckMate rank against other artists on site. Lite models earn you 1 point and a Pro model will earn you 10 points. Having access to the leaderboard gives you useful insights into your progress in the CheckMate program. We hope that it will also be a fun challenge and spark a bit of friendly competition.  If you do not feel comfortable competing against other artists on site, you can always opt out of the leaderboard by opening a support ticket.

Read more about the CheckMate queue page.



6 Responses to “CheckMate Queue Page”

  1. Oh this is great! I felt like a full queue showing status was needed. Great job TS team! I feel like the leader board is a pretty fun aspect to it as well-nice.

  2. Paul Teall says:

    Thanks, Jamie. Let us know if you have any suggestions for the queue.

  3. Basas says:

    Great work guys, keep it up 😉

  4. Shashank says:

    Checkmate is a great quality feature added to TS, but the inspection process takes a long time even for very simple products, in my opinion.

  5. Basas says:

    Is there any statistics on how much the sales increase for the products after they have been ChaeckMate Certified?

  6. Basas says:

    Sorry, just found a post about it lower on the page…

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