Tenth Anniversary at TurboSquid

by Michele Bousquet

April 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of TurboSquid. Our staff celebrated with a party at our office, complete with a custom-made Squid Statue atop a delicious tiered cake.

Matt Wisdom and the Squid Statue

CEO Matt Wisdom proudly displays the Squid Statue

The statue was created by Elise Hatheway, our Library Curator. Elise, a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, fashioned the squid from Sculpey. It wasn’t edible, but the cake certainly was.

Eric Arvidson and Elise Hatheway cut the cake

Elise cuts the first slice with the help of CFO Eric Arvidson

The TurboSquid Team thanks all our artists and customers for a great ten years. Here’s to another decade of success and service to the 3D community.

The TurboSquid Team

The TurboSquid Team

Happy Anniversary!

5 Responses to “Tenth Anniversary at TurboSquid”

  1. Giimann says:

    Happy 10 years Anniversary Turbosquid!! It’s been an incredible journey! I look foward to the next 10!

  2. Alex Kontz says:

    I see a lot of people, a lot of glasses, and only one bottle of wine… :) Happy birthday!!! :)

  3. Digitallab3d says:

    Happy 10th year Anniversary Turbosquid! Cheers!

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