Next-Generation Search Interface

by Paul Teall

After months in development, we’re finally ready to announce our new search interface!  We started from nearly the ground up, and we think you’re going to love the results. You’ll notice both visual and functional updates – the new changes make it easier than ever to find the perfect 3D model or texture for your project.

The updates to the search interface were driven by a lot of research into how our users look for products on TurboSquid.  Things like file format compatibility, price and product type are at the top of most people’s lists.  We took all of those elements (and more) and put them right on the search results page as selectable filters.  You can easily select as many of these filters as you’d like, and the new results will update instantly.  In addition, we now show you the number of results you’ll get from selecting each filter – before you actually select the filter.  Curious how many of our “desk” results are available in .3ds and are between $100 and $200?  The answer is visible right on the page.

We are currently testing the new search interface – half of the traffic to TurboSquid is seeing the new version, and half is seeing the old.  If you’d like to manually turn on the new interface and check it out, visit our Search Beta settings page.

After you’ve had a chance to see it in action, let us know what you think!

2 Responses to “Next-Generation Search Interface”

  1. Terry says:

    The new search interface is so much simpler! I never ended up using all of the options in the old search because it was too much of pain to go back to the original search. Great job! I’m keeping the new search on.

  2. Glad to hear you like the new search interface! We really wanted to create something super user-friendly in order to give our users the best search experience possible.

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