Meet Michael “Radar” Raeder, Jr Systems Administrator

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Michael "Radar" Raeder - Systems Administrator

Michael “Radar” Raeder – Jr Systems Administrator

In case you haven’t already heard, today, the 26th of June, is System Administrator Appreciation Day! To celebrate in style, we sat down and had a chat with our very own Junior Systems Administrator, Michael “Radar” Raeder! Read on to find out just what a day at Turbosquid is like for someone in his position and a bit about his exciting, globetrotting, experiences as a life-long musician! Read More

Meet the Squids: Intern Edition

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For this week’s edition of our “Meet the Squid” series, I chose to introduce you to this year’s class of Summer interns. Turbosquid interns are given the opportunity to gain some real on-the-job experience, unlike some internships that result in training legions of glorified coffee couriers. The TurboSquid Intern League sat down to answer a few questions about the projects they are working on, their school plans and goals for the future. Read More

Snuffing Snuffy: Shark Week Ad Evokes Emotional Response and Other 3D Scares

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The Discovery Channel series Shark Week’s latest TV spot appears to be both horrifying and entertaining viewers everywhere.

The advert features a fake local news report, where a conservation group is preparing to release a rescued (likely 3D model) seal, Snuffy, back into the wild just off the Jersey Shore. As they lower the creature into the ocean via crane, a massive shark leaps from the water and snatches the animal back into the depths. Read More

This Week In the Squid-o-Sphere

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Here at TurboSquid HQ, we’re always happy to share our favorite models, our artists’ outstanding work, and the freshest 3D news. Tune into any of our social channels to get in touch with our artists and customers, and get a look behind the scenes with with the TurboSquid family (and their friends!).

In case you missed anything, here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening this week in the Turbosquid community:

New Featured Model!

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