New Partner in Japan: amanaimages

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Konichiwa, Nippon!

TurboSquid has partnered with Japan’s top seller of stock photography to offer TurboSquid 3D models to the rich but largely untapped market in Asia.

amanaimages, with 8 million images in a range of categories and 130,000 subscribers, is the leading site for digital photography in Japan. This makes them the perfect partner to give TurboSquid’s world-leading artists direct access to a huge Asian market and offer creative professionals in Japan the highest quality in 3D models. Read More

New Orleans Hosts White House CTO

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Matt Wisdom, CEO of TurboSquid, joined Aneesh Chopra, CTO and Associate Director for Technology in the Obama administration, and five New Orleans business leaders in a roundtable discussion Tuesday about how to use technology to spur the next generation of entrepreneurial leadership. The discussion, which took place at the Idea Village in downtown New Orleans, focused on strategies to foster new entrepreneurship and innovation that will lead to more jobs and a better economy. Read More

TurboSquid Sighting: Ship Model on “House”

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An episode in the seventh season of House, a popular American TV show, begins with a large sailing ship tossing on the waves during a violent storm as cannonballs explode around her. That sailing ship is a 3D model of the Golden Hind, a 16th century English galleon that is best known as the ship in which Sir Francis Drake sailed around the globe between 1577 and 1580. Read More

TurboSquid Sighting: Robopocalypse

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A model purchased on TurboSquid dominates the cover of the new science-fiction novel, Robopocalypse, published by Doubleday and scheduled for a June release. The novel by Daniel H. Wilson takes place in the not-so-distant future where robots and other machines have turned against humans in a massive, worldwide uprising.

A few entertainment industry blogs and newspapers are reporting that film rights to Robopocalypse have been sold and that Steven Spielberg is on board to direct a big-screen adaptation of the novel. Read More

Best Sales Ever at TurboSquid

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TurboSquid has reached a couple of impressive milestones this month: our best sales month ever and the publishing of the 200,000th model on the site.

November 2010 sales were the highest of any month since the company was founded in 2000 — not bad for a month that includes a major U.S. holiday weekend (Thanksgiving) and considering that the national and global economy could still be said to be recovering from a recession. Read More

A Look Back at TurboSquid Websites

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Development was busy this summer, making lots of upgrades to the website to improve publishing, downloads, search, dashboard and reports, etc. Just seeing all those improvements made some of the long-timers around TurboSquid start thinking back to the early days, when the website wasn’t even a website. Remember this homepage from August 2000?

When the company started in 2000, we had an online application that artists and customers had to download and install on their computers to upload or purchase models.  About a year later, we introduced the first website-based search system. Read More