CheckMate Pro v2 Specification: Poles

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One of the most common questions we get about the CheckMate Pro v2 standard is about poles. A pole is a set of edges coming into a single vertex, the way edges are arranged around a vertex at the top of a sphere primitive.


A pole at the tip of a sphere primitive.

In CheckMate Pro v2, we do not allow poles with 6 or more edges on curved surfaces. Read More

Siggraph 2013: TurboSquid and CGSociety

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On July 24, TurboSquid got together with CGSociety at Siggraph to present a panel called “Teaching CG and VFX Online”. Four instructors talked about the challenges they’ve overcome using online training to teach computer graphics, and then the panel opened up a discussion with the 40-odd attendees.

Michele Bousquet talked about how TurboSquid uses YouTube’s Closed Caption option when creating CheckMate training videos for artists. Read More

Day One of Siggraph 2013 with TurboSquid

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Anaheim Convention Center

Greetings from sunny Anaheim, CA, where the 40th annual SIGGRAPH conference is being held this year. I arrived on Sunday just in time to go to some early sessions and see a few of the exhibits.

Going early gave me time to review the Posters display and play “spot the TurboSquid model”. This year, Andrey Kravchenko’s Masha won the contest hands down. Read More

CheckMate Pro v2 Refinements

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Since we released CheckMate Pro v2 on June 15, many artists have risen to the challenge and improved their 3D models to meet the updated specification. We’ve also heard from some artists with questions about how certain 3D models could possibly fit the new requirements.

We take these questions seriously. Every week, the CheckMate team reviews these concerns and looks for ways to refine the specification to achieve the goal of “better 3D models on TurboSquid” and make it possible for models in every category to be certified. Read More

End User Event in Netherlands

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This week I’m attending the End User Event in Utrecht, NL, a conference for CG artists with a focus on 3ds Max. The conference is small (attendance this year reached an all-time high of 220) but unlike larger conferences, EUE gives you face time with your favorite experts.

Class topics at this year’s conference are largely focused on rigging and rendering. Read More