CheckMate Queue Page

Jonathan Lloyd 3D Modeling, CheckMate

If you have already submitted to CheckMate, you know that tracking the progress of your model in the certification process was a bit of a chore. We would like to thank everyone for being patient during the submission process and not bombarding the team asking for status updates.

The good news is that we now offer you the ability to track the position of your models in the CheckMate queue. If you have a burning desire to get a specific model certified first, we have you covered — the new CheckMate queue allows you to reorder your submissions based on your own priority. Read More

CheckMate Gets Industry Green Light

Jonathan Lloyd CheckMate, Site

When we gave a talk at SIGGRAPH 2011 on 3D modeling standards, the room overflowed with industry professionals wanting to learn more. Afterward, we were approached by major industry players who were impressed with CheckMate Certification and wanted to know how they could implement these standards in their internal workflow. We quickly found that 3D modeling standards are in high demand by production houses and large companies who need to ensure 3D models work as expected, leaving no complications later in the production pipeline. Read More

CheckMate Exceeding All Expectations!

Jonathan Lloyd CheckMate, Site

Earlier this month TurboSquid released CheckMate, the industry’s first quality standard for 3D models. CheckMate Certification allows you to submit your highest quality models for review by TurboSquid’s dedicated inspection team. CheckMate models carry a certification badge visible to customers in searches and product previews.

The program has been met with a fantastic reception in the few weeks since we released CheckMate, we’ve seen a huge demand for CheckMate models! Read More

Move over, OBJ. Alembic 1.0 is here!

Jonathan Lloyd 3D Modeling

Alembic Support


SIGGRAPH 2011 is an exciting place to be this year. One of most interesting things, for us, is seeing the collaborative efforts and the resulting technology advances that come from them. One such announcement, Alembic 1.0,  demonstrated to us just that. TurboSquid was fortunate enough to be invited to the official release of this new technology.

So what is Alembic 1.0? Read More