Meet Brennan Steele, Associate Producer

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our ongoing bio series as much as we have.  This week we press on with Brennan Steele, who took the long road to New Orleans and TurboSquid, but is certainly doing his best to leave his mark on both.

What’s your job as Associate Producer?

I manage a portion of the content group inspector team, develop custom 3D content for clients, beta test software, swap the CO2 tank out of the soda machine, and design fun content to 3D print on our Makerbot. Read More

Meet Corey Cambre, Checkmate Inspector

jhall Meet the Squids, Site

For our third installment of the new meet-our-staff blog series, we interviewed Corey “Fluffy” Cambre, a Checkmate Inspector for our team here at TurboSquid.  Read on to learn more about this illustrious modeler, bowler, and dragon connoisseur.

Why “Fluffy”?

It was a joke from Gabriel Iglesias. He said there are 5 types of fat. I fell into the fluffy category. So when someone called me fat I said I’m not fat I’m fluffy. Read More

Meet John McGrail, Product Analyst

jhall Meet the Squids, Site

To continue our new meet-the-staff blog series, we interviewed John McGrail, a Product Analyst for the TurboSquid team.  Read on to hear from this native Virginian, turned collegiate New Englander (Amherst), turned ex-pat Ukranian, turned new New Orleanian.

What does your job at TurboSquid entail?

I help analyze past sales on TurboSquid and also suggest future models that could be built.  I am also the official cookie supplier for the area of the office within 20 feet of my desk. Read More

Meet Deborah Anderson, QA Inspector

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The holiday season often makes people reflect on what is really important in life. In keeping with the spirit of the season, we thought this would be the perfect time to start our new blog series that shows off something we’re very thankful for: our awesome staff!  To start things off, we sat down with Deborah Anderson, one of our QA inspectors, to learn more about her endeavors in and outside of TurboSquid. Read More