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CheckMate Alert: Zip up those textures!

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 by

In the influx of CheckMate submissions we’ve seen lately, we’re pleased to report that many models pass on the first try. For those that don’t pass right away, one of the most common errors  has to do with how files are packaged for publishing.

For every file format that you want certified, the 3D model file must be placed in a ZIP file with all textures, and this ZIP file must be uploaded under the Main Product section in Step 1. Otherwise, the model will fail certification.

We require all the files to be together in a ZIP file because the #1 support question we get is, “Where are the textures?” If the textures aren’t with the model file, but are in a separate ZIP file or an Accompanying Product File instead, customers sometimes can’t find them. This is particularly true for customers who are new to TurboSquid.  But if the textures are in the same ZIP file with the model, customers can always find them.

When you buy something online, it can be annoying to have to contact support just to use the product. By requiring you to package the textures with the ZIP file, you make a more pleasant experience for new customers. The better their experience at TurboSquid, the more likely it is that they’ll come back and buy more.

That’s really the goal for all CheckMate models: a better buying experience for customers, leading to more sales for you overall.

Meet Member Services at TurboSquid

Friday, March 11th, 2011 by

As the 3D modeling industry has grown and changed, so have customers’ needs at TurboSquid. You told us what you wanted in your support, and we listened. The result is a new approach to support that gives fast answers to technical questions about 3D models.

In years past, the most common questions were things like “How do I download the textures?” and other queries related to using the site itself. But with so many new artists entering the field and so many 3D applications to choose from, we get technical questions about models a lot more frequently now. All our support staff get training in a variety of 3D programs. This means that if you open a chat to ask about a particular model, the Member Services Agent can open it right then and there and tell you what you want to know.

Nowadays, the most common questions relate to file conversion or usability. If you need a 3D model in a format that it’s not offered in, we can do a test conversion for you before you purchase and check that the conversion works. If you want to know how many textures a model comes with, we can open the model and tell you before you buy.

Please see the video below to meet our new and improved support team!

What is a banana? and other important questions

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 by

TurboSquid beefed up its support system a few years ago, installing a 24/7 Live Chat system and offering free file conversions. These days, our Member Services department gets a variety of queries each day, from site usage questions (“How do I download my purchase?”) to conversion requests (“Can you convert this model to OBJ format?”).

Live Chat is an ideal place for pressured artists under deadline, the hardcore polygon jockeys who need us at 3am. Most of the time, that is. Sometimes it seems like our members are using Live Chat as a way to connect with others who care about 3D. And then still other times, we don’t understand what the heck they’re there for.

Take, for example, this recent exchange between a TurboSquid Member Services Agent and a member. (We are not making this up.)

[9:40:04 AM] TurboSquid: Welcome to TurboSquid’s live chat. We are looking for the next available agent to assist you.
[9:40:04 AM] Member: what is a banana
[9:40:24 AM] Member: WHAT IS A BANANA!!!!!!!
[9:40:44 AM] TurboSquid: It is a long yellow fruit.
[9:41:20 AM] Member: Sorry, what type of motherboard is in a Compaq SR1820NX?
[9:41:45 AM] TurboSquid: I have no idea about that.
[9:42:00 AM] Member: ok see you then banana guy.
[9:42:13 AM] TurboSquid: Have a good day.

We hope you have enjoyed this stellar example of customer service from TurboSquid, brought to you by our hardworking Live Chat agents.

Meet TurboSquid’s Member Services Department

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 by

Working to provide world class customer service to all our members, and to help our artists achieve maximum sales

Nancy-Ellen Martin

Hi, I’m Nancy-Ellen Martin and I love my job. I’m the Director of Member Services here at TurboSquid,  and I’m really excited to do our first Member Services Blog entry. Our team provides support to all our artists and clients on TurboSquid, and to our own TurboSquid team as well.

Our members sometimes ask exactly what it is that we do in Member Services.  The short answer is that we talk to TurboSquid customers and artists, all day every day, and help them with whatever they need. We’re very proud of the fact that we offer 24/7 support, 365 days a year via Live Chat and our Ticket system, and we also offer phone support during business hours M-F. To my knowledge, we are the only 3D marketplace where you can talk to a real live person 24 hours a day.

I can safely say that there’s something new every single day.  From time to time we get some really interesting stuff, like customers wanting to know why their port-o-john has not yet been delivered. I mean, who the heck thinks they can get a port-o-john shipped to their door for only $15? Or the guy who wanted to get his sawed-off shot-gun immediately and seemed happy that we weren’t running a background check. We also get lots of frantic parents trying to get that plastic solar system or human body model in time for the science fair. And recently, a gentleman who wanted to know if the magic staff he purchased was made of wood, and did it cast real magical spells? Have to be honest, that one had us giggling. A model mistaken for a real-world object is a credit to the artist who created it, but still, we never cease to be amazed at someone who thinks they can get a shiny new sports car for $200.

Because we have agents available 24/7 we have a day shift and an evening shift, with some agents in the USA and others in Europe. On an average shift, an agent handles live chats and sometimes phone calls, often helping customers shop for models, and works on incoming tickets in between. And when an agent isn’t busy with these activities, he or she converts models based on customer requests, updates the knowledge base, deals with copyright issues, reviews assets on the site for quality, gathers up customer and seller requests and sends them to marketing and development for implementation, helps  a client through a Talent on Demand application, learns new software in preparation for supporting an up-and-coming file format, and whatever else is needed to help customers and artists as much as possible.

Member Services has a unique job—we straddle the fence between artist and customer.  A large number of support tickets deal with purchases, where a customer wants a model in a different file format, or can’t find the textures that go with a model. Our primary goal is to give the customer what he or she expects and needs while retaining as many sales as possible for our sellers. On an ideal support request we help both the customer and the artist, but sometimes, one half of the equation is satisfied while the other is not. We try to help artists increase sales,  improve quality and make sure their products are complete and accurate, and at the same time keep current customers happy enough to come back and bring their friends. Being on the “front lines” is a big challenge, and something that everyone in our department truly enjoys.

Our support ticket system allows us to track all our communication with you, ultimately leading to better service for everyone. You might think email would be faster, but it’s not; you would not believe the amazing volume of spam mail we get (I mean, how much Viagra does one planet need?). So we appreciate it when you use the ticket system. While we resolve 87% of tickets within 24 hours, we sometimes don’t have the right answer right away, but we’ll let you know we’re looking and will answer you as quickly as we can.

One of my favorite things is when a happy customer or seller takes the time to tell us we’ve made their life easier. Here are a few recent comments from TurboSquid members:

“Thanks for your fast and nice attention in Member Services. I’m a new customer and will be gladly getting more products.”

“Great response time, 5am  EST. Thought we were the only ones working this early!”

“My experience with TurboSquid has been great. I plan to purchase more in the future and also begin selling as well.”

We invite your suggestions or comments any time! Just open a ticket from our website, give us a call or start a chat session. We’re here for you!

Nancy-Ellen Martin
Director of Member Services

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