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Publisher Nearing End of Beta

Thursday, March 4th, 2010 by

Since we put the Beta of the new Publisher online in December, we’ve been continually upgrading and adding functionality based of your feedback. Today we released our fourth upgrade, and we believe the new Publisher is ready to become the default publishing system on the site in the next week or two.  For a while you’ll still be able to access the old Product Manager after the new Publisher comes out of Beta (in case we find any new issues).  If you haven’t tried out the new Publisher, now is the time to use it and let us know if you run into problems.  If you tried it out in December, read about what we’ve upgraded and have another look.

Today’s improvements include:

  • Publisher works in IE6
  • Fixes to the watermarks system
  • Speed optimizations for page loads of Publisher/Last Modified
  • Fixed old Product Manager issue with game-ready certification submission
  • Flash install not required for file upload
  • Large number of file formats can be published at once
  • Several other small tweaks and bug fixes

We have many more upgrades planned for the Publisher and entire My Files section, but the core of new Publisher is ready to be the default engine for TurboSquid.

Additionally, we upgraded the Application search filter.  There are now two sections, 3D models and CAD, to make it easier for our CAD customers to find relevant content.  The File Format popup’s performance has also improved with new substring searching and a Select All option once you have search results.

New features and bug fixes

Thursday, February 11th, 2010 by

A new set of features and bug fixes went online at TurboSquid today.  We are continuing to focus on the Publisher and My Files section while they are still in beta.  With this release, we believe that we are very, very close to taking this section out of beta and making it the default Publisher and Download sections of the site.  You will continue to be able to use the old sections for a little while after the switch, but now is the time to check out these new pages if you’ve been holding off.

Publisher Load Optimizations
One reason some people have been holding off on trying the new Publisher is because some large sellers had intermittent load issues.  Its annoying to test when the pages can timeout.  This release focused on removing many of these slow loads.  I think we’ve solved many of the issues, but Last Modified’s initial load is still too slow.

Thumbnail Ordering Control
Sellers can now control the ordering of the thumbnails in the new Publisher.  Simply drag the thumbnail image to the position you want in the Publisher’s Presentation tab.

Accompanying Files Upgrades
We’ve fixed a few bugs and added a new accompanying file type:

  • New type “Textures” can be used to more clearly identify packages of textures.  It is still recommended that sellers package textures within the main product files.
  • Fixed issues with Publisher when there were multiple Accompanying Product Files
  • Fixed being unable to remove accompanying product files in IE7
  • Fix issues with eternal processing of Accompanying Product Files on upload in  IE7

New design on the Products/3D page
We are slowly upgrading the pages and sections of the site to a new design.  You’ve already seen this in the Member pages, the Publisher/My Files section, and some of the application landing pages (/3ds-max, /maya).  Now we are slowing going through some of the Products pages and the like.  Sellers with artist features may be contacted to tweak their feature.

Other small fixes and feature improvements including:

  • Files are now being removed from “Add Files from Uploads” dialog properly
  • From Preview, Publisher now recalls the last tab that you were editing in
  • Did you note that you can upload multiple files at a time from anywhere you can upload? Just multi-select in the browser window.  This is a big time saver that some haven’t noticed, so we’ve changed the upload files icon to suggest “multi-file” a bit more.

Small bugfixes now online

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 by

A small set of bug fixes and some backend upgrades to the certification processes went live today.  We still have at least another two rounds of small hotfixes to the new Publisher and Download section before we switch these from beta into the default systems.  You will continue to be able to use the old Product Manager for a few months after this transition.

These bugs are  now fixed:

  • Publisher/Main Files: file format selection is lost in certain cases
  • Uploading to Accompanying Product Files often gets stuck in the processing step
  • Publisher- hitting “Create New Product” will ignore your current location in the My Published Products and publish to the top level folder.
  • A few UI issues in Chrome
  • Duplicate receipt emails sent when button is clicked repeatedly
  • Single and double quotes in product names caused Product Statistics report to fail
  • Date added not displaying for Folders

We decided to get this set of small bugs out before the next release, which mainly new features.  The main new feature in the next release is the drag-n-drop ordering of presentation images. We expect this to be online in the next two weeks.

Publisher fixes and upgrades

Thursday, January 7th, 2010 by

This week we released a set of fixes, mostly related to the new Publisher.  We’ll continue to roll out bug fixes and upgrades for a few more small releases.  The next hotfix will be released later this month.

We’ve received a lot of good feedback which helps us find and choose the most important issues. Any feedback is welcome in the forums on directly through Support. Even better, register for one of our new Webinars and not only learn more about the new Publisher but also give us feedback directly.

Changes online now:

  • Publisher now sets media type from the file extension added within a product
  • You can now remove items from Suggested Products and Accompanying Product Files
  • Promotional files are now downloaded directly from Full Preview
  • Various publishing issues with Tentacles fixed
  • Interactioon issues between Product Status smart folders (hidden, awaiting review, suspeneded)
  • Fixed “{/br}” symbols from showing up in the description text + Full Preview
  • Searching on “3d models” keywords no longer causes parser crash
  • Small spelling, grammar, graphical tweaks
  • We’ve disabled the ability to view receipts for free assets in Starred
  • Small tweaks to folder tree navigation

Upcoming upgrades

  • Drag-n-drop re-ordering of thumbnails in Publisher
  • New Accompanying File type-  Textures
  • More bug fixes and speed improvements

Dashboard and Reports Upgrades

Friday, October 30th, 2009 by

Today, we upgraded the Reports and Dashboard based on seller feedback.  Your feedback helps the site get better.  We have a lot of ideas, but you can direct us in the right way and point out things we might not see.  You can post suggestions in the forums, comment on this blog post,  or create support tickets to tell us what we should do.


  • Recent Activity now shows five items and includes returns and chargebacks
  • Previous month’s sales and earnings now displayed
  • Lifetime earnings displayed
  • Estimated Payment improved and clarified
  • Local time displayed
  • Your name now links to a search on your products
  • Links to multiple sales reports added to dashboard


  • Product Statistics Report now fully integrated into Reports section
  • New report “Sales/Top Sellers” to quickly see your best selling products over different time frames.
  • General improvement of column titling and spacing
  • Sales/Account Totals includes Lifetime Sales
  • Sales/Sales Monthly Summaries no longer has evil horizontal scroll

Next-Generation Search Interface

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 by

After months in development, we’re finally ready to announce our new search interface!  We started from nearly the ground up, and we think you’re going to love the results. You’ll notice both visual and functional updates – the new changes make it easier than ever to find the perfect 3D model or texture for your project.

The updates to the search interface were driven by a lot of research into how our users look for products on TurboSquid.  Things like file format compatibility, price and product type are at the top of most people’s lists.  We took all of those elements (and more) and put them right on the search results page as selectable filters.  You can easily select as many of these filters as you’d like, and the new results will update instantly.  In addition, we now show you the number of results you’ll get from selecting each filter – before you actually select the filter.  Curious how many of our “desk” results are available in .3ds and are between $100 and $200?  The answer is visible right on the page.

We are currently testing the new search interface – half of the traffic to TurboSquid is seeing the new version, and half is seeing the old.  If you’d like to manually turn on the new interface and check it out, visit our Search Beta settings page.

After you’ve had a chance to see it in action, let us know what you think!

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