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Updates to CheckMate Specifications

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 by

We’ve been running CheckMate officially since August 4, and we’ve made a few updates to the specification based on feedback and submissions.  These aren’t major changes, but it’s important that you know about them to make your CheckMate submissions go as smoothly as possible.


Descriptions need to use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and correct use of 3D product names like 3ds Max and V-Ray. See our Knowledge Base article on Correct Spellings of 3D Product Names to get correct spellings, or refer to the product manufacturer’s website.

Geometry Setting

CheckMate Polygonal Quads, Tris, Ngons

In order to be eligible for CheckMate, you must choose one of the last four choices in the Geometry pulldown:

– Polygonal Quads/Tris
– Polygonal Quads only
– Polygonal Tris Only
– Polygonal Ngons used

If you choose Polygonal, Subdivision, Unknown, your submission will not pass because these legacy choices are not detailed enough to tell customers what they are getting. The NURBS selection will fail certification because we don’t currently certify NURBS model.

Signature Image Requirement

Since the Signature Image is only used in the search results as a thumbnail, we’ve lowered the resolution requirement to 600 x 600.  You can still submit a higher resolution if you like, but we thought this relaxed standard might save some render time for you.

Second Image Background

The second image you upload must match the signature image in both pose and framing.  It should have a dark or realistic background or a background that best shows off the quality of the model. This means a white background is acceptable. This image cannot include text, borders, badges or logos, just the model itself as you see in the Signature Image.


Turntables should show the model revolving in a counter-clockwise direction, so when the customer drags the slider to the right, the front of the model rotates to the right as well. This gives the customer the illusion that he/she is actually touching and moving the model. Turntables are only required for CheckMate Pro submissions.

Rigged and Animated Models

If you are using CAT to rig and animate your model, you don’t have to include a Readme file about the rig.  We require a Readme file for custom rigs, not standard systems like Biped and CAT.

Empty Objects

In 3ds Max it is possible to delete all the underlying geometry in an object, and the object can still exist in the scene.  This will confuse the customer, so we’ve made this an explicit requirement: No empty objects. It’s fine to have Helpers, Dummies, Nulls, and Control objects, just no empty objects that add nothing to the scene and might potentially waste a customer’s time.

Hi-Res 3D Model Preview Images

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 by

In a few weeks we’re going to start allowing larger preview images for 3D models. Currently, preview images at TurboSquid are displayed at 400×400. With the new feature, thumbnails at the new standard size of 600×600 will appear in the product preview. A new HD (high-definition) viewer will display higher-resolution images, with 1200×1200 as the HD standard.

Below is the new design for the standard preview, with thumbnails displayed across the top and a horizontal scroll bar. Preview images will also have left-right arrows for easy navigation through thumbnails in sequence.

All thumbnails will appear as 600×600 in the new standard preview, but a customer can click a hi-res thumbnail to open the HD viewer and see the thumbnail at its actual resolution.

You can prepare for the release of this new feature by uploading larger preview images now, even before this new feature is released. Any thumbnails over 400×400 that you upload now will work with both the current and new displays. We recommend that you create all new thumbnails at the HD standard size of 1200×1200 for the best customer experience. If you don’t upload new thumbnails, not to worry; we’ll be upsampling all the 400×400 thumbnails for compatibility.

This change will apply to 3D model previews only; textures, stock photos, and materials won’t be upsampled, and won’t have an HD viewer available.

Although many artists already include high-resolution images in the Previews section of their products, when we surveyed customers earlier this year, they asked us for larger images in the thumbnails section to give them an easier experience in viewing complex models.

The ultimate goal of these changes is higher sales for your 3D models. Even though existing thumbnail images will still show just fine in the new product preview, some artists are resisting this change, while others say it’s about time and look forward to showing off their stuff in more detail than ever. What do you think? Are you concerned that other artists will scoop your sales if you don’t upgrade to a higher resolution?

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