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Meet Eric Arvidson, CFO

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 by

Eric Arvidson sports his TurboSwagIn our Meet the Squids series, it seems we’ve also managed to cover many distinctive facets of New Orleans culture (food, drink, music, and numerous organizations), and this week’s interview with Eric Arvidson, CFO, is no exception.  Eric is one of the voices of the beloved New Orleans’ listener-supported radio station, WWOZ, now in the midst of its annual membership drive.

Eric offers his thoughts on why he loves WWOZ, and talks to us about one of his more… fiery hobbies.


What does your day typically consist of?

A typical day consists of emails, spreadsheets, planning, and meetings. Each day can be a bit different, but the overall goals are to make budget projections and make sure we pay our artists each month. Much of my time is spent helping others do their job, and sometimes that means staying out of the way!

What’s your favorite thing about working at TurboSquid?

Working at TurboSquid is always a challenge and each day presents something new. I enjoy that we try to keep the “corporate rules” to a minimum. But when it really comes down to it, distilled down to its essence, what makes TurboSquid cool is the people – employees, artists, friends and family. It is fun to see everyone working from so many different angles, for a common goal.

What do you do when you’re not at the Squid HQ?

I have fun doing different activities, and enjoy living in New Orleans where you can really enjoy life. I am a volunteer radio host at WWOZ known around town as “the greatest radio station in the universe”. I’m also involved in our regional Burning Man organization that has been very active building large scale art to take to Nevada and to Mardi Gras Krewes. I love making art, even though I never felt like I was very creative.

I love to travel and try to get out of the country at least once a year. I am also in the TurboSquid Fantasy Football League, as a returning two-time champion.


Bebe Brulee, NOLA Burners 2012

NOLA Burners’ 2012 project, Bebe Brulee, was featured at Burning Man.
Eric says, “I love to create big art structures and then burn them down. Of course, we do it on purpose (and safely), but I think that scares my wife sometimes…”


WWOZ is in the midst of its membership drive – why do you think WWOZ has become so important to New Orleans?  Oh, and when can you be heard on the air?

I think WWOZ is the voice of the culture of New Orleans, and as they say at the station, they are the Guardians of the Groove.  New Orleans has such a unique and robust music scene and I think it is vital that there is an outlet for local musicians and sounds be heard.  We are very lucky to have such a wonderful radio station that pushes that out, all over the world.  I am not regularly scheduled on air, so you just have to keep listening to hear me next!

Sea Stallion by 3d_molier

One more thing!  Tell us about your favorite model from the TurboSquid catalog.

I love this Sea Stallion.  Just a cool looking, big helicopter.

Meet Brennan Steele, Associate Producer

Monday, December 10th, 2012 by

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ongoing bio series as much as we have.  This week we press on with Brennan Steele, who took the long road to New Orleans and TurboSquid, but is certainly doing his best to leave his mark on both.

What’s your job as Associate Producer?

I manage a portion of the content group inspector team, develop custom 3D content for clients, beta test software, swap the CO2 tank out of the soda machine, and design fun content to 3D print on our Makerbot.

We like hearing about how our staff got into 3D modeling.  What’s your story?

I studied Architecture at the University of Oregon and was exposed to 3D modeling there.  I started work at an architecture firm 7 days after I graduated, and produced construction documents and presentation renderings for 3 years before I quit and went on an 8 month long road trip that eventually landed me here in New Orleans.

You’re involved in several projects outside of TurboSquid.  Can you tell us a little bit about them?

1) Atelier Vie LLC – A Startup artisan distillery located in mid-city built from scratch about two years ago with three other partners. Our sugar cane vodka Buck 25 has been available for a couple months now, but our signature spirit Toulouse Red a red absinthe made its debut on December 5th. Our green and white absinthes are still in government testing and label approval, and should be available shortly after the new year.

2) Bebe Brulee – A Burning Man art installation as part of the CORE (circle of regional effigies) project, where over 30 regional burner communities create their own large scale burnable sculptures. After I completed the design of the installation—with the help of Eric Arvidson and Josh Anderson of TurboSquid, and many others—we constructed a 20’ diameter 7’ tall king cake with a 14’ tall king baby standing on top, and successfully delivered it to the desert in Nevada.

3) Cosmic Convergence Festival – An upcoming epic event that celebrates the end of the Mayan calendar countdown and beyond. It will take place in New Orleans at the Sugar Mill on Friday, December 21st, 2012. I’m the production assistant for the event and will be hard at work making sure everything runs smoothly and the world doesn’t come to an end. Come party with me, Ghostland Observatory, and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, and help us ward off the apocalypse in style!

Favorite thing about TurboSquid?

I really enjoy working for a company with so many direct ties into interesting fields: art, film, design, architecture, and animation just to name a few.   Not to mention New Orleans is a fantastic city where there is seldom a dull moment.

Got a favorite model on the site?

Who doesn’t like robots, and dmitriev makes some of the best on the site. His attention to mechanical detail, distressed textures, rigging, and downloadable preview animations are all great.

A parting note…

I’m allergic to chocolate.


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