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Artist Spotlight: Andor Kollar

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 by

blog_preview_Andor-KollarOur new featured image is one great looking male model in every sense of the word.  Its creator, Andor Kollar, is an accomplished CG Supervisor and character artist who believes that his roots in traditional drawing have served him well in making great 3D models.  We were honored to have him answer our Featured Artist Interview, where Andor reflected on what it takes to create expressive art.




Artist Spotlight: PROmax3D

Friday, April 5th, 2013 by

Tiger model by thePROmax
The San Francisco Zoo’s new tiger cub has been making headlines this month– and not just for being adorable. The honor of naming the baby cub will go to the highest bidder in a fundraiser for the SF Zoo. So, in honor of the new tiger family, we’re naming PROmax3D‘s amazing tiger model as our featured model of the month! Check out our interview with the artist, and find out what inspired him to create his very own virtual zoo.

Get to know 3D artist thePROmax

When did you start 3D modeling?

I started 3D modeling in 1998. We have a family-owned computer training academy, and we were looking for a professional company to create an effective advertising campaign. As there were no reputable advertising companies in our city, I decided to give it a shot. I had knowledge of Adobe After Effects, and I began to learn 3DS MAX. I loved rendering 3D models in 3DS MAX. I was lucky that we had a server computer and the fast workstations in our office to render complex models quickly.

Artist Spotlight: GrafxBox

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 by

Sci Fi Starfighter 3D ModelWith NASA holding its first-ever Google Hangout in space last week, we’re honoring space buffs everywhere with a new homepage image from artist GrafxBox based on his SciFi Fighter model. Although this artist has a wide variety of models, his flair for sci-fi is what brought his work to our attention. Find out where GrafxBox gets his inspiration in our interview below.

Get to know 3D artist Grafxbox

When did you start 3D modeling? 
It was probably about 20 years ago when I started learning 3D with Autodesk 3D Studio. It was prehistoric 3D software compared to now!  What brought me to 3D was books I saw in the early 1990’s about images created with software that only large companies could afford. Back then there were not a lot of tutorials on the Internet, so I bought some books for my own education and started doing some stuff. I made a cover for a Spanish magazine in 1992. (more…)

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