In Search of Sightings – April 2013

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SIGHTINGS: Where In the World Are TurboSquid’s Models?

Our 3D models get used in almost every form of visual media under the sun: online, on television, in advertisements and film, and everywhere in between. (We may have added just a little sparkle to a major upcoming film, but more on that later!)

Our artists put a lot of hard work into making the amazing models that you love, and they love seeing where their masterpieces end up.

New Shop and Share Feature – March 2013

Adele Tiblier Customer Newsletter

TurboSquid Newsletter

New Feature: Shopping Cart Sharing

Ever wish you could easily share the models you’ve loaded into your TurboSquid shopping cart with others? Well, now you can! Share models saved to your cart with managers or clients to review before buying, or share with your purchasing agent to make meeting your deadline that much easier.To see this new function in action, simply load a few select models into your Cart, then select “Email Cart” within the “Cart Options” on the right of the page, then load one or more email addresses to share your findings.

CNN Uses Missile Model as Part of a “Reality Check”

Adele Tiblier Customer Newsletter, Sightings

While we steer clear of political views, we are always happy when any of our models are used to provide the perfect visual to inform and educate the masses. Such was the case on Monday, October 22, 2012, when a TurboSquid model was spotted during CNN’s “Reality Check”.

Check out the clip of the segment which showcases the 3D model of the Ballistic Missile model by artist Edgedesign (approximately 1:18 into the video).…

A little bit louder, please! | June 2012

Adele Tiblier Customer Newsletter

TurboSquid Newsletter

Calling All 3D Artists: Tell Us What You Think

Which new features will make it easier to find the 3D models you need, when you need them? Your votes will help shape
the next evolution at TurboSquid.

Vote for new features, and even add your own to the list!

Play 3D Expert - The Model Rating Game by TurboSquid

Are you a 3D model connoisseur? We’ve got the game for you.

3D Expert flips through TurboSquid models while you rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, awarding points for accuracy and speed.

Models, Movies and Metal Music | April 2012

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TurboSquid Newsletter

Lights, Camera, 3D Models?
Model Sightings Tend to Make TurboSquid Star Struck

We’re excited and enjoy shining the spotlight on artists’ whose models are used in movie and television productions, making it beyond the cutting room floor. The use of 3D models in the entertainment industry has even resulted in TurboSquid getting our own IMDb page. Read more on the latest sightings in a number of popular U.S.

Finding Balance, Building Bridges | March 2012

Adele Tiblier Customer Newsletter

TurboSquid Newsletter

Finding The Balance Between Quality and Quantity
Our quest to bring both to customers, artists, and the industry


Every industry struggles with the valuation of quality versus
quantity. While there are distinct benefits to both, at some point you must strive to provide balance between the two.

For nearly 12 years, TurboSquid has been building toward being the biggest, now reaching the point where we can bill ours as the largest marketplace for 3D models.