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Artists’ Newsletter | February 2014

Monday, February 10th, 2014 by

In this issue…

  • Not So “Generic” Post
  • Thought It Was Real: An Update
  • Featured Image Takes to the Slopes
  • File Naming & Feature Graph
  • #TurboTips
File Naming
& Feature Graph 

Did you know that how you name your published assets can impact how they show up in search results on TurboSquid? As we roll out our new category system, Feature Graph, the inclusion of file extensions such as “.max”, “.zip”, and the like in your asset titles may limit how customers find your products.

You are among a small group that can see new categories on Product Pages (also referred to as Full Preview pages). When reviewing your own assets, please check assets’ new categories for accuracy. If you do encounter an error, please use the link provided on Full Preview page or email the Product ID and changes you recommend directly



Stay tuned to our social channels every Tuesday as we share #TurboTips! This is an ongoing series to provide you with quick tips to make the most of your 3D modeling programs, as well as best practices for preparing your models for real world customers around the world.

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Not So “Generic” Post

This week has been an interesting one for those in the 3D industry. On the heels of the release of our ownupdated Terms of Use, we see other players in the 3D model market making sweeping changes that may not be viewed as so bold. Our own CEO has some words of wisdom (pun intended) to share with artists on why TurboSquid continues to make big decisions when handling the business behind a 3D marketplace.

Within this very candid post, Matt touches on the choices that have been made, as well as the amount of thought, engagement, and respect between all of those involved, as we move the industry forward.

Read the complete post by TurboSquid CEO Matt Wisdom for clarity on what he sees in the near future for the 3D industry.

Thought It Was Real: An Update

Over the holidays, we implemented a pop-up to warn potential customers that the product the were looking at was not an actual Christmas gift, but a 3D model. Perhaps we can credit Santa’s magical powers for the results: our Thought It Was Real (TIWR) refunds in 2013 dropped by a staggering 88%, compared to the TIWR refunds in 2012.

This was the best gift our support staff could have asked for. TIWR calls and chats dropped by 67% from last year, as well. Of course, that also means that the funnyholiday horror stories from our support team dropped by 67% as well, but that’s ok with us!

New Featured Image Takes to the Slopes

The artists over at Tornado Studio are going for the gold with this month’s new featured image! This downhill skier is definitely Sochi-ready. Check out our Featured Artist Interview, where we talked to Tornado Studio’s founder and CEO about his history with 3D modeling and his favorite Winter Olympic events.

Want to see your CheckMate Pro Certified Model featured on the TurboSquid home page? Anything is possible if you just submit your model!


Artists’ Newsletter | December 2013

Thursday, December 12th, 2013 by

In this issue…

  • BIG NEWS: TS Releases Changes to Terms of Use
  • Thought It Was Real? Not This Year.
  • CheckMate News
…and more!
New Models To Make! 

Trying to decide what to make next? Our Models To Make page has been updated for the year’s end, and it is jam packed with hundreds of suggestions for new CheckMate Pro models.


Did You Know…?

Have you ever noticed that a model was sold for a lower price than it was originally set? Not to worry! This is our Squid Bucks system in action– it’s very likely that a customer used store credit to help with the purchase of your model. While we do like to contact our artists before a Squid Bucks sale goes through, you should know that our artists still receive their full royalties for these purchases, no matter what kind of discount was applied for the customer.
Backed-Up CheckMate Queue
Don’t stop submitting thoseCheckMate models, but please be aware that due to holiday schedules (and a serious cold & flu season), our inspectors are running a little behind. Please be patient as we work through the CheckMate queue.

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Major Revisions to TS Terms of Use

Documents like licenses, privacy policies and other related terms of use have historically been overly complicated for those that are most affected by their content. We, at TurboSquid, recognized that not only were our policy documents difficult to understand, but that as the industry has changed, so must the guidelines that govern participation within it.

Today we are releasing significant revisions to the terms related to publishing and purchasing content via TurboSquid.

The ultimate goal of these changes is to simplify the verbiage without sacrificing the content or coverage provided to artists, customers or our core business while incorporating changes based on this ever-evolving industry and the often unexpected lessons learned from our 13 years in the business.

Links to all of TurboSquid’s Updated Policies are available here:

For all documents related to policy changes, look for the “New Updates” area at for links to new policy documents, comprehensive insight into the many changes, and answers to questions.

Upon logging into, you will be prompted to make additional permission selections. We strongly encourage you to read the details related to each option prior to making your selection.

Thought It Was Real? Not This Year.

In our never-ending battle against holiday shoppers who think our 3D products are not only realistic, but actually real, TurboSquid has enlisted the help of Santa Claus himself to deter would-be holiday shoppers from ordering our intangible goods.

Many of you probably noticed the holiday pop-up featuring Santa Claus, modeled by Oleg Topalov. Some of you may not have seen it at all as the pop-up is triggered only when the browser suspects that a user is visiting TurboSquid for the first time (based on the visitor’s browser cookies). It offers two options: one for 3D experts (who know the products we sell are just digital files) and another option for the “Thought It Was Real!” (TIWR) crowd, which takes them to our favorite TS holiday video, compliments of the Support Staff.

We’re happy to say that the pop-up has cut down on TIWR-related calls, chats and returns significantly this holiday season, much to the delight of our Support Staff.  We do find ourselves missing the “interesting” stories that often accompany these requests, however this has given us additional time to spend on more pressing matters (like completing customer conversion requests).

The holiday season isn’t over yet, but so far, so good!

Artists’ Newsletter | July 2013

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 by


In this issue…


  • Featuring: Feature Graph
  • CheckMate Pro v2
  • Inspector Picks
  • New Featured Model
  • New Models to Make List

Introducing: CheckMate Pro v2


CheckMate Pro v2, the new highest standard of quality for 3D models, went into effect on June 15, 2013. Assets approved using the Checkmate Pro v2 specification will continue to don the same badge as the original CheckMate Pro, however they will be required to pass added steps within the certification process, including stricter topology requirements, to meet the demands of modern pipelines. A series of training videos are currently in production, geared toward assisting artists pass the new certification process with ease as well as tips on topics such as achieving flawless edge flow.

Click here for specifics on the new requirements as explained by our very own CheckMate Ambassador.  

Making Models

We’ve updated our list of suggested Checkmate Pro Models to Make. While you’re counting down the days til the summer heat is gone, stay in the cool indoors  while our list of models keeps you busy. 

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Featuring: Feature Graph

We are always looking for ways to better The latest initiative, which we have provided you with access to, is one that we anticipate will result in a number of improvements impacting both artists and customers, including more relevant search results, better pricing and sales data, to name a few. 


Just over a year ago, we came to the realization that in order to improve how users search and purchase, it was necessary for us to gain a deeper understanding of the products available on Since then a dedicated in-house team has been busy defining and developing a system that will allow us to categorize every asset available on the site. The result of their efforts is a product that we are calling Feature Graph.


Prior to the development of Feature Graph, there were only 300 categories available to which an asset could be assigned. This new, more powerful category system contains 13,000 active categories, with a growing list of over 26,000 keywords that have been mapped or assigned to the categories.


As an artist, your account has been provided with access to view search results that are driven by Feature Graph. Follow these steps to view the product in action:

  • Log into your TurboSquid account.
  • Perform a keyword search allowing time for the dropdown menu of suggested categories to appear.
  • Use your mouse to select and click on any one of the 10 categories provided as they relate to the term you have entered. Do not press “enter” to execute your search; this will not provide results driven by Feature Graph rather it will show the current live result set.
  • Compare Feature Graph category search results to live search results.

Your experience and feedback regarding this new development is very valuable as we look for ways to better prepare this product for launch on Please submit your issues, findings and suggestions to

Read more about how to use Feature Graph and what it means for you. 




Inspector Picks

This month in Inspector Picks, we managed to highlight a few models that were gorgeous and extremely well done, but none captured our fans’ attention like this 2014 Corvette Stingray by Arte 3D.  Read on to find out why Inspector Mark chose this as his Inspector Pick of the Week, and keep an eye out for all of our Inspector Picks.

New Featured Model

This month’s featured model was created by talented TS artist, Milos Jakubec.  Find out what makes Milos tick, why watches are his favorite items to model, and what being a TurboSquid artist means for him in this month’s featured artist interview.

We’re looking for the next CheckMate Pro model worthy of home page placement. Think one of your creations has what it takes to be the next Featured Model? Click here for details.

Artists’ Monthly – May 2013

Monday, May 13th, 2013 by
TurboSquid Newsletter
Artists’ Monthly || May 2013    

In this issue

13 Years, 13,000+ Models
New Tools for 3dsMax
#ThrowbackThursday Illustrates Just How Far 3D Has Come
New Featured Model
And more!

Inspector Picks



Our 3D Model Inspectors see a lot of models every day, so it takes strong artistry and high quality for something to really stand out for them. When they see something that really excites them, the Inspectors are eager to share it, so we’re highlighting their favorites on our social channels with the Inspector Pick of the Week!

Find out from the experts what it takes to give your model that “something special,” and get a peek at some of the best work being submitted to the TurboSquid catalog. Here’s a look at some our past picks, and you can keep up by following our Tumblr, or connecting with us on Facebook.

Inspector Pick 1

Inspector Pick 2

New CheckMate Price Levels

Many of the artists on TurboSquid that create simple, yet beautiful, models have been deterred from submitting their work to be CheckMate certified due to the pricing that just doesn’t seem to work for their work. To remedy this, we are announcing a new pricing structure created specifically for models that meet this criteria.

Click here for details.

Making Models

Just in time for Spring, we’ve updated our list of suggested Checkmate Pro Models to Make.  


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13 Years, 13,000+ Models!

space On April 1st, TurboSquid celebrated its 13th birthday, and we wouldn’t be where we are without you, our talented artists. The TurboSquid catalog now has over 13,000 certified models, which push the boundaries of 3D modeling in quality and usability.

We can’t wait to see what the next 13 years brings us, and we know you’ve been working hard. So have a slice of cake, on us!


Featured Model

Featured 3D Model by theProMax
Our latest featured model springs into action, thanks to TurboSquid artist thePROmax. We talked to thePROmax about his obsession with big cats, and why he believes the CheckMate standard is good for both customers and artists alike.We’re looking for the next CheckMate Pro model worthy of home page placement. Think one of your creations has what it takes to be the next Featured Model? Click here for details.
space space

New Tools for 3dsMax

New Tools Video

TurboSquid artist Popa_3D has developed a tool to help you prep your 3ds Max file for Checkmate. This amazing three-fold tool was built with artists who model for CheckMate in mind: a rendering tool that allows for easy turntable creation; a tool that preps wireframes and renders that pass inspection; and a fixing tool to remove Ngons, as well as numerous other “fixes,” to make sure your model is inspector-ready.

Read more about the new tool, and learn how to use it with our video tutorial.


#ThrowbackThursday Illustrates
Just How Far 3D Has Come

TurboSquid Tumblr

Thursday just became our favorite day of the week! If you’re subscribed to one of our social channels, be sure to tune in for #ThrowbackThursday, a side-by-side look at just how far 3D modeling has come in the last decade.

It’s an eye-opening experience for all of us to see some of our catalog’s earliest models (even the ones that were great at the time), and how they stack up against today’s model. Both artistically and technologically, the 3D industry has jumped light-years ahead in just a little over a decade.


In Search of Sightings – April 2013

Monday, April 29th, 2013 by

TurboSquid Newsletter

SIGHTINGS: Where In the World Are TurboSquid’s Models?

Our 3D models get used in almost every form of visual media under the sun: online, on television, in advertisements and film, and everywhere in between. (We may have added just a little sparkle to a major upcoming film, but more on that later!)

Our artists put a lot of hard work into making the amazing models that you love, and they love seeing where their masterpieces end up. Artists are especially excited to know the details behind projects that may be featuring one of their 3D masterpieces.

Share how you’ve used 3D models purchased on TurboSquid by clicking here!


13 Years, 13K CheckMate Models & Nearly 300K 3D Models!

On April 1st, TurboSquid celebrated its 13th birthday! As of this month, our catalog contains over 286,000 models, and climbing daily. Looking back at 2012, we thought  being our best year so far, our future looks more exciting than ever, and we have our customers, employees, and talented artists to thank for helping us to build the world’s largest 3D library.

Featured Model

SciFi 3D Model by thePROmax

This month we are featuring a fantastic feline 3D model created talented modeler, thePROmax. This Siberian tiger, just one of many which provides lush details and full animation, and is the full embodiment of what the artist cites as his biggest source of inspiration, big cats.

Get to know thePROmax, other creative influences, and why he feels the CheckMate Standard has raised the bar for artists and customers when it comes to 3D content.

Click here to read the complete artist interview.

Featured CheckMate Pro Models
Featured CheckMate Lite Models

New Shop and Share Feature – March 2013

Monday, March 11th, 2013 by

TurboSquid Newsletter

New Feature: Shopping Cart Sharing

Ever wish you could easily share the models you’ve loaded into your TurboSquid shopping cart with others? Well, now you can! Share models saved to your cart with managers or clients to review before buying, or share with your purchasing agent to make meeting your deadline that much easier.To see this new function in action, simply load a few select models into your Cart, then select “Email Cart” within the “Cart Options” on the right of the page, then load one or more email addresses to share your findings. It’s that easy!
 SciFi 3D Model by GrafxBox

Featured Model

This month’s featured model of a Sci-Fi Fighter is out of this world, thanks to TS artist GrafxBox. Hailing from the picturesque Spanish coast, Grafxbox talks to us about what inspires him, from earthly nature to science fiction.

Click here to get to know GrafxBox.


Why Buy CheckMate?

“CheckMate models are simply easier to work with” – that’s the message we get over and over from customers that use them! Look for the badge and choose a CheckMate model the next time you shop at TurboSquid.

Featured CheckMate Pro Models


Featured CheckMate Lite Models


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