Illustrated Tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey by Kate Voisin

Meet Kate Voisin, Graphic Design & Marketing Assistant

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Kate Voisin
In this week’s Meet the Squids, we talk to Kate Voisin, our marketing team’s graphic designer. Kate is a Louisiana native, growing up just outside of New Orleans, the city she has called home for almost a decade. Read on to find out about the many hats she gets to wear at the office, and why she suspects that TurboSquid may, in fact, be a cult (but in a good way).…

In Search of Sightings – April 2013

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SIGHTINGS: Where In the World Are TurboSquid’s Models?

Our 3D models get used in almost every form of visual media under the sun: online, on television, in advertisements and film, and everywhere in between. (We may have added just a little sparkle to a major upcoming film, but more on that later!)

Our artists put a lot of hard work into making the amazing models that you love, and they love seeing where their masterpieces end up.

New Shop and Share Feature – March 2013

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New Feature: Shopping Cart Sharing

Ever wish you could easily share the models you’ve loaded into your TurboSquid shopping cart with others? Well, now you can! Share models saved to your cart with managers or clients to review before buying, or share with your purchasing agent to make meeting your deadline that much easier.To see this new function in action, simply load a few select models into your Cart, then select “Email Cart” within the “Cart Options” on the right of the page, then load one or more email addresses to share your findings.

Artists’ Monthly – March 2013

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Artists’ Monthly || March 2013  

Artists’ Monthly – January 2013

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Artists’ Monthly || January 2013 

Artist Spotlight: dmk76

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It seems almost impossible to find a story related to the world of competitive cycling these days that isn’t drenched in shamefulness or suspicion. Thankfully, the modeling industry is seldom susceptible to such scandal. The beautiful render that now graces our front page features a spectacular model of a racing cyclist as he rides an equally impressive road bike 3D model—the handy work of TurboSquid artist dmk76.…