Ford Motor Company Announces TurboSquid as Official 3D Asset Partner

Adele Tiblier Press Release, Site

The Ford Motor Company distributed the following press release today, naming TurboSquid as a partner in 3D content management. This announcement also coincides with the launch of TurboSquid’s new Digital Brand Management service line for which Ford serves as the inaugural client. Print Your Favorite Ford Vehicle at Home: Ford First Automaker to Open One-Stop 3D Shop Online Consumers can now …

TurboSquid Releases Major Revisions to Terms of Use

Adele Tiblier Artists, Site

Documents like licenses, privacy policies and other related terms of use have historically been overly complicated for those that are most affected by their content. We, at TurboSquid, recognized that not only were our policy documents difficult to understand, but that as the industry has changed, so must the guidelines that govern participation within it. Today we are releasing significant …

Artists’ Newsletter | July 2013

Adele Tiblier Artist Newsletter

  In this issue…   Featuring: Feature Graph CheckMate Pro v2 Inspector Picks New Featured Model New Models to Make List Introducing: CheckMate Pro v2   CheckMate Pro v2, the new highest standard of quality for 3D models, went into effect on June 15, 2013. Assets approved using the Checkmate Pro v2 specification will continue to don the same badge …