Want Your 3D Model Featured on TurboSquid? Well, Here’s Your Chance!

by Adele Tiblier

Artists that have been featured on the TurboSquid home page have said that it’s an honor for their model to be chosen. Those that have yet to be chosen are green with envy, flooding our customer support staff, or filling up the TS forum, with requests on how theirs can be the next featured model. We’ve decided to make this honor more attainable to all of our artists through a public call for model submissions for consideration.

So, where do you start?  There are a few guidelines to consider before submitting:

  • Model submitted MUST be CheckMate Pro Certified
  • Submission should not depict any vulgar imagery (such as nudity or extreme violence)
  • Multiple submissions by any individual artists are permitted
  • Upon selection, the artist of the featured model must provide answers to interview-style questions within 7 days, for promotional use by TurboSquid

If you have one or more models that you feel would be worthy of the top spot on TurboSquid, your next steps are:

  1. Download the Template (.psd)
    - Add the best view of your model, working within the confines of the existing layers
    - Layers are not to be moved or edited. Be sure to save your work in layers, as a PSD file
    - Be sure to make the most of the space provided between content
  2. Submit Your Rendering
    - Once you have created the perfect setting around your model, email the file (.PSD with layers enabled) to TurboSquid for consideration
    - Be sure to include the link to the product page of the model on TurboSquid.com
    - You will receive an email response upon receipt of the file
  3. Sit, Wait, and Be Ready to Respond
    - Questions may arise, you may be chosen, or there may be issues with your file; whatever the case may be, please be responsive if we make an attempt to contact you regarding your submission

* All submissions will be considered for the current month and kept in the running for subsequent months.

For a little design inspiration, we have provided a collection of previously featured models and how they were rendered for home page use.


Yamaha R6 motorcycle model by Jamie Hamel Smith and Street Biker Model by Vespa
were combined to create the following featured image


CheckMate Pro Model of an LCAC by Artist HD_Ready

Photorealistic 3D model of a Nikon camera by 3D artist FraP


3D Beetle Model by artist QLEE


Artist C4DmodelSHOP added a touch of holiday cheer to our home page with this 3D Snowglobe Model



This ferocious 3D lion model was our first featured model by Massimo Righi


Good luck, and happy rendering! 


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