August Sales Highest Ever at TurboSquid!

by Michele Bousquet

August 2011 sales at TurboSquid reached an all-time monthly high! Not just the best August ever, but the best month ever. Usually March and October are our highest months, and August is at the tail end of the summer dip in sales. The fact that we had our highest-ever month in August makes it even more exciting.

August was when we launched our CheckMate Certification program, and if our sales figures are any indication, customers are responding by buying more 3D models than ever. Artists also like the boost in sales and credibility, citing sales increases of up to 4x since CheckMate launched.

TurboSquid is committed to bringing an unprecedented level of quality and confidence to customers through CheckMate. Here’s a small selection of CheckMate Pro certified models, the best stock 3D models money can buy.

3 Responses to “August Sales Highest Ever at TurboSquid!”

  1. Giimann says:

    Congratulations Turbosquid! It was a record month for me too! Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in to CheckMate. It is a very big step in the right direction!

  2. Spedition says:

    Last year was the best year ever for TS. For me also. Last month was the best month for TS ever, for me too :)
    But I have two observations:

    – CheckMate supports undercutters – inspectors who certify models don’t look at market prices, just follow ridiculous “CheckMate pricing tiers.”

    For now I can upload some big scene, at $39 and get certification.

    – CheckMate inspectors – some are reasonable, some are malignant and search for ridiculous “bugs” in certified products like asking artist to change one letter in description etc.

    Actually CheckMate is a good idea but because it gives undercutters new possibilities, it is not working correctly.

  3. Patricia LaHay says:

    @ Spedition

    First of all, congratulations on all that success! That’s wonderful.

    I’m sorry you are frustrated with some aspects of CheckMate Certification. We know it’s not a cure all for everything that might be wrong in the stock 3d modeling industry but we believe it truly is a step in the right direction on many levels.

    Did you find a $39 model that’s been certified that you think should be sold for a much higher price? I haven’t seen anything like that. But if you have a specific model in mind, please tell us which one it is.

    As far as spelling goes, we think it’s important for all the product descriptions to be accurate with all the words spelled right. This is a professional website, and we want to make sure we look as professional as we are. Also, misspelled words in your product descriptions can keep customers who are looking for a certain model from finding yours.

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