What else is new? Native format/renderer used, plus new Login that remembers

In addition to all the features around CheckMate that came out in the past week, we released a couple of other features that we’d like to tell you about.

Native File Format

Artists can now set the native file format for 3D model products when publishing. The native file format is the application format in which the model was initially created. This helps customers determine compatibility.  Only those formats that are native to an application are selectable as native, for example Maya or Cinema4D, while exchange formats like OBJ, FBX, and DAE are not.  If the native format is known, customers will see it listed first in search results.  It will also be shown in the first row of the product preview technical specs section.

If you use the same native file format for all your products and you’d like us to update them all for you with this new information, please contact Support for assistance.

Renderer Used

For a number of the native file formats, we’ve also added in a required Renderer Used and optional Version field to the publisher.  If we are missing your favorite renderer, please tell us and we’ll add it. Specifying the renderer assigned to the model will help avoid confusion for customers–the lack of this information is the most common cause for a refund request.

Tighter restrictions on file format version

We now require file format version with a native file format type. Currently published models stay as they are, but editing them requires the version to be added if it’s not already there. Again, this will help customers a lot in determining compatibility.

New login that remembers

The login/signup widget has been completely replaced. The only real new feature in there should be quite helpful–the “Remember me” feature. Normally, after several hours of inactivity, you are logged out. With Remember me, you stay logged in for 30 days of inactivity. For security reasons, you will need to log in again for security-related activities such as changing member or payment info or making a purchase.

Easier navigation to products in Reports and My Purchases

We’ve made it a little easier to navigate around products. In My Files/Purchases & Downloads, clicking on the product name now goes to product preview. In Reports, the Sales Monthly Details, Top Sellers, Downloads, and Ratings product ID field now does the same.