TurboSquid on Conan Show

by Michele Bousquet

On March 9, Team Coco used yet another TurboSquid 3D model on TBS’s Conan show, this time in a sketch starring Pee Wee Herman (actor Paul Reubens). This 3D model usage follows in the footsteps of Conan’s Creepy Taiwanese Videos series, which used a number of TurboSquid models.

Wellcraft Speedboat by Animation Effects

In the sketch, Pee Wee Herman water skis his way on to the stage while pulled by a virtual speedboat from TurboSquid. You can see the full clip at the Team Coco website.

Andy and Conan await Pee Wee's arrival via boat in background.



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  1. Kupfer says:

    Thank you, very interesting and funny)

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