One-Click Zip and Other Features

by Chris Phillips

We released some updates today. Most of them are stuff you won’t notice, including a set of improvements to our sales support systems. Here’s what you might notice:

Disabled Game-Ready certification submission: The option to submit for game-ready certification is retired. Any models currently submitted will go through the queue, and those that pass will receive the badge. Previously certified models will keep their badges. Search and full preview integration with game-ready certification continue to work as previously. If you change the Main Product files on a model with the game-ready certification, you will see a pop-up warning you that saving these changes will remove the certification. See the announcement about Game-Ready certification on our forum or the most recent Artist newsletter (Feb. 11) for more information.

Removed “Mature Content” option: This option is no longer relevant as we have been excluding any truly mature content for a while now. This policy is detailed in our Knowledge Base.

One-Click Zip: (I feel like I should throw a TM next to that) On the receipt page displayed after a successful purchase, customers can now click on a button which will start the downloading of a zip of all products in their purchase, saving precious clicks for future generations.

New design for CName pages: CName pages are subdomain landing pages like These pages are generated automatically by our system, and they all have the same design. The design has been updated.

2 Responses to “One-Click Zip and Other Features”

  1. Kupfer says:

    One-Click Zip – really interesting update, we needed to wait for new updates)

  2. 3Dgrafika says:

    Artists need one click ZIP uploading too :)

    I have hundreds and hundreds of models, but then I think of uploading them, naming, writing keywords and so on… Im bored and don’t start doing it

    Is there any way to automate uploading proces and product creating process? That would be great if I could just upload 3D model and someone would prepare it the best way, render, write descriptions, price it and sell it. Do we need artificial intelligence for that? :)

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