Invoices, watermarking turntables, copy to upload and a few more

by Chris Phillips

Today we released a few new features and bug fixes. Keep the feature requests and bug reports coming.

New Features:

  • Customers can now get a nicely formatted invoice, instead of just a sales receipt. There is a new “Invoice” option under the “more” pulldown in My Purchased Products and Purchase History folders. You can enter a PO#, Company Address, VAT, etc. to the invoice.
  • The Publisher now allows watermarking of  turntables.  The interface has also been adjusted to make it more obvious that the watermark is being processed.
  • Copy to Upload on a product in the Publisher will now copy all files associated with that product (main product files, source thumbnails, and accompanying product files) into a folder in your Uploads section.  This was a request to make it easier to reuse already published files.
  • The white line around thumbnails and gray bars around non-square thumbnails are gone.  So any thumbnail with background color of 247,247,247 looks like it’s floating on the page.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some bugs related to Starring in My Files.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate products showing up in More Products by Artist section of Full Preview.
  • Downloading of promotional files from Full Preview no longer requires the user to be logged in.
  • A number of small UI issues were fixed/tweaked.

5 Responses to “Invoices, watermarking turntables, copy to upload and a few more”

  1. POPA_3D says:

    Thanks Chris :) you keep your word and do it fast.

  2. Kupfer says:

    Soon the site will probably ideal)) All the bugs will disappear and there will come a haven for 3D modelers)

  3. Modelsaler says:

    With a new design site my sales halved.
    “Thanks” turbosquid team.

  4. Patricia LaHay says:

    Hi Modelsaler. I’m sorry to hear about your slow sales. Overall sales at TurboSquid are increasing, but the nature of the market is volatile. That means some artists’ sales might go down while others go up. I wish you the best of luck with your sales and hope you’ll see some better numbers soon.

  5. Jamie says:

    Great job with the regular updates TS team! It’s nice to feel like I’m falling behind 😉

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