Shift-Select multiple files in Add Files and more

One of the main things that helps TurboSquid keep improving is feedback from our artists and customers. This week we added a nice feature to the Publisher suggested by an artist, along with a few handfuls of bug fixes and upgrades.

In the past,  if you had uploaded a bunch of files in the Publisher in preparation for publishing,  it could be quite time consuming to actually add them to a product because you had to check individually the box for each file you wanted. You could select everything in a folder, but then you’d have to upload files to separate folders.  To improve this, we’ve just added in the basic Shift-Select to select a list of items.  Now in all the Add Files pop-ups, you can check the box for a file at the top of the page and scroll down to shift-select the checkbox for the last item you want — all of the items in between are selected.  This should save a lot of unnecessary clicks.

We’ve also rolled out a few handfuls of small fixes and tweaks including:

  • We’ve removed the Mature Content attribute in Publisher and Member Info.  This was little used, and we’ve just been using a more a global standard that disallows adult content.
  • In the search pagination bar, the last page number is now a link
  • Search results now default to the medium sized thumbnails.
  • In My Files/My Published Products, the sort by Total Sales now sorts completely correctly