Shift-Select multiple files in Add Files and more

by Chris Phillips

One of the main things that helps TurboSquid keep improving is feedback from our artists and customers. This week we added a nice feature to the Publisher suggested by an artist, along with a few handfuls of bug fixes and upgrades.

In the past,  if you had uploaded a bunch of files in the Publisher in preparation for publishing,  it could be quite time consuming to actually add them to a product because you had to check individually the box for each file you wanted. You could select everything in a folder, but then you’d have to upload files to separate folders.  To improve this, we’ve just added in the basic Shift-Select to select a list of items.  Now in all the Add Files pop-ups, you can check the box for a file at the top of the page and scroll down to shift-select the checkbox for the last item you want — all of the items in between are selected.  This should save a lot of unnecessary clicks.

We’ve also rolled out a few handfuls of small fixes and tweaks including:

  • We’ve removed the Mature Content attribute in Publisher and Member Info.  This was little used, and we’ve just been using a more a global standard that disallows adult content.
  • In the search pagination bar, the last page number is now a link
  • Search results now default to the medium sized thumbnails.
  • In My Files/My Published Products, the sort by Total Sales now sorts completely correctly

6 Responses to “Shift-Select multiple files in Add Files and more”

  1. popa_3d says:

    Nice news I especially like that the default thumbnails size is medium our models show better :)
    Waiting for more…and hope that the next will to implement somthing who allow us to publish collection without re-uploading files this will really help!

  2. Kupfer says:

    Considerable improvement for 3D artists. Can you replace that heart picture on the main page soon, because now the site is similar to a medical center.

  3. Chris Phillips says:

    popa_3d: ” publish collection without re-uploading files ”

    Collections are coming, but you don’t always have to re-upload to reuse files. There are a couple of ways around this:
    1) If you upload your files to the Upload section first, then start to create a product with no files selected, you will use the Add Files popup. Within that popup, you can choose to not remove the file from the Upload section when you add it to the product.
    2) Once a product exists, you can use Duplicate Product in the “more” pulldown. It’s not going to help combining two products, but it can be helpful.

  4. POPA_3D says:

    chris, yes I know this but when we publish a model we can’t alwayse imagine that this will be a part of collection, Ideas don’t come togather :)

    about duplicate product I think it will be usefull if you allow us to extract files from a product to the upload area by copy/past for exemple.

  5. Chris Phillips says:

    Popa_3d: I was actually going to write about the Copy function, but it doesn’t work helpfully anymore after we made some under-the-hood optimizations for filesystems. I’m going to put in a task to have Copy to Uploads work better (by copying all files, including source images, used for a published product to the Uploads are).

  6. Gandoza says:

    Great news,
    Thanks Chris, You are the best.

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