FumeFX 2.0 No Longer Available – UPDATED 5/16/13

by Michele Bousquet

Sorry – We no longer offer FumeFX on TurboSquid.




3 Responses to “FumeFX 2.0 No Longer Available – UPDATED 5/16/13”

  1. Miguel Á. says:

    Hi I’m Miguel Á. I want to know who the real programmers are who do plugins for 3ds max. FumeFX is an amazing plugin. Where I can download free 3ds max models?

  2. Michele Bousquet says:

    You might want to check out ScriptSpot.com to find others who are developing scripts and plug-ins. As for free models, just go to our site (www.turbosquid.com) and start searching.

  3. Sitni Sati this is the Mega-Super-Ultra-Best serial plugins for 3DsMax all versions !!!
    FumaFX – this is Burn, Fire, fog super realistic!!!
    DreamScape – photorealistic Render for Landscapes or Exterieres.
    AfterBurn – Fire, Fog, Boom, bomb-Boom, barrels-Boom, cars-boom,… = Super-Boom :)

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