End of Beta for Publisher and My Files

by Chris Phillips

As expected, the new Publisher and Download section have left Beta and are now the default interfaces. The “Download” item in the navigation bar is now this new My Files section, containing all your purchases, published products, and uploads. You will still be able to use the old Product Manager and Download page for the next 1-2 months, but then they will go offline. You can navigate to these pages from a link on the bottom left of the page when you are in the Purchases and Download section or the Publisher.

Since these are stable, we’ll be coming out with blog posts, videos, and upgraded Knowledge base documents on the new systems-  from basic how to’s to tips and tricks that aren’t obvious.

We’ve also rolled out a couple of smaller upgrades this week that you might have noticed. There’s a new footer and Company Info Pages in the new style.  “Finally, a new footer!” I can hear you screaming with excitement. Perhaps not the most exciting new feature you wanted, but these are steps on the way to simplifying the basic navigation of the site. We’re going to be pulling certain things out of the navigation bar and just having them in the footer. That way the navigation bar can include only the more important and regularly used links. Making these changes in multiple releases makes it easier to deliver the end result.

3 Responses to “End of Beta for Publisher and My Files”

  1. Ziv Qual says:

    The new product manager looks better and gives a few more controls than the old one.
    But the bottom line is publishing products with the old system is faster and easier for me. I like having all the info in one page instead of going back and forth through 4 parts.

    I wish you would just leave the option to use the old system permenant for those of us who preffer it.

    Thanks either way for constantly working on improving this great website !

  2. popa_3d says:

    I also prefer that you leave both versions, as said above new one offer new features but old one still better for fastelly editing products…

  3. pelister says:

    I also prefer the old publishing system, its clean and easy, moreover this new interface doesnt have the option to choose the primary thumbnail, it assigns the first image as primary thumbnail by default.

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